1. Your crew is fantastic!

    Problem - Commercial kitchen drain clogged during serving hours. Dash Drains - Quickly responds to unclog without interrupting operations. "Thanks for bailing us out once again! Your crew is fantastic! To be able to work on freeing up a drain in a commercial kitchen while it is in full operation is challenge enough, but your people always get the job done quickly and professionally without disrupt…Read More

    S. Wagner - USA
  2. Thank you so much!

    Problem - Tenants' children clog only toilet bowl. Dash Drains - Immediately responded to clear toilet. "Thank you so much for getting over to my tenant so quickly!" …Read More

    Nicole - Multi-family Property Owner - Revere, MA
  3. It was great to meet Dash Drains!

    Problem - Clogged sewer line leaking into 18th century home. Dash Drains - Used special camera to locate break and clear pipe. "Thank you for coming over to fix my sewer pipe.  It was great to meet Dash Drains and I truly appreciate your prompt and professional service!"…Read More

    Annie - Homeowner - Danvers, MA