Let’s say you’re wanting to do a major yard project that involves some intense dirt-moving and digging.

You start digging and all of a sudden you hit something hard, round and maybe a little bit moist. Does that pipe lead into your home? Your neighbor’s? Suddenly you have to stop construction and that nice backhoe you rented for the day is now sitting unused in your backyard while you scratch your head wondering what to do.

Professional builders will have someone inspect the area for underground pipes before they start construction – they’ve learned from experience that’s the best way to go. But homeowners embarking on some DIY projects often forego this important step. Wouldn’t it be nice to know where the pipes are under and around your home are before you even start planning your big project?

Simply knowing where pipes leave your basement and crawl space is imperative if a leak or backup were to happen. Since we can locate all types of different lines, we can easily detect any breaks or problem areas in the pipes or locate where leaks are on the outside of your home. This could prevent a major backup into your home or business.

Our advanced pipe detection technology allows us to find all of the underground plumbing and pipes around your home, no matter the material of the pipes.

Pipe detection is one of the best plumbing services we offer for accurately finding your pipes, which eliminates the guesswork and room for error when you need to have someone dig down to fix leaks or problems. This could save you money by the end of a repair or landscaping project that requires digging.

Whatever the reason you have for wanting to know where your pipes are located (maybe you’re a curious new homeowner), we can help. You will receive an experienced technician at every visit and we guarantee professionalism. Get in contact with Dash Drains today to schedule a pipe detection appointment – and get some regular plumbing and drain maintenance while you’re at it!