Sewer odors, at the minimum, are unpleasant. In the worst cases, they can be dangerous. Ensuring that your sewer is regularly maintained provides not only a preventative maintenance measure, but it could help pinpoint some potential problems and raise a red flag before sewage backs up into your home or business.

Strange sulfur odors in or around your home or business don’t just stink like rotten eggs, but they are also a major indicator that your sewer could be at the breaking point. Dash Drains can help to detect what is causing weird smells, and make any necessary repairs to prevent a major issue.

With our odor detection services, we are able to determine exactly where odors are coming from and quickly work to find a solution before you end up with a major blockage in your pipes or a backup into your home. More than that, sewage odor indicates that decaying material could be building up in your system, and could be a serious health risk if untreated.

Sewage odor in your home is usually the result of one of the following three situations:

  1. A dry trap – if the drain line is not often used, it could dry out and the trap seal could break
  2. A malfunctioning vent – if the vent system is not working properly sewer gases could escape and enter your home
  3. A damaged drain line – If the drain line between the trap and the main sewer is damaged, water and sewage can leak out and cause the noxious odor that you’re smelling

When you use our sewer cleanout and odor detection services, we will find the source of the smell – which is usually a crack or other damage in the sewer or septic tank – and repair it as quickly as possible. Call us the second you detect the odor and we’ll send a technician out as soon as possible. We offer residential and commercial plumbing for Medford, Beverly, Malden, Everett, and the surrounding communities.