Based out of Beverly, MA, Dash Drains is happy to extend our services to Lawrence and all of Essex County. We are your dedicated team of plumbers, grease trap cleaners, and drain uncloggers available 24/7 whenever you need us. With nearly two decades of hands-on experience and a custom-made set of high-tech tools and equipment, we are ready for any challenge you throw at us from a major sewer backup to a slow-draining sink. Below, we’ve outlined some of the top services we provide to people looking for a drain cleaner in Lawrence, MA.

Our Drain And Plumbing Services In Lawrence, MA

Drain Clog Removal Services: If your shower or sink is draining slowly or you have a drain that is not passing water at all, we can help unclog it. Based on whether it is a residential or commercial clog, as well as the location and size of the problem, we will use one of two methods to remove the clog. First, we can use a snake to physically pull the clog out of the drain. The other option is to use a high-pressure water jet to blast the clog down the pipes. The second method also helps to remove built-up sludge and sediment and reduce the risk of the problem happening again. Both of these options are environmentally friendly as they do not use harsh or corrosive chemicals.  

Preventive Pipe Maintenance: Just like you service other appliances in your home, you also need to service your plumbing system. We can drain your water heater (which is recommended to do twice a year), inspect your septic tank, clear any slow drains, inspect your exposed pipes, and diagnose any warning signs.

Grease Trap Cleaning in Lawrence: Cleaning a grease trap requires special skill, dedication, and a whole lot of elbow grease to get all of that gunk and hardened grease out. We can get your restaurant or cafeteria on a cleaning schedule based on how often you are in need of grease trap cleaning.

Camera Drain Inspection: If you lose something down the drain, chances are you can still recover it if you don’t touch it until a professional gets there. We can send a snake drain camera through the pipes to attempt to locate lost jewelry or other important items that find their way into your plumbing. We can also use our drain cameras to inspect the inside of your pipes and diagnose issues.

Pipe Location: Pipe location in Lawrence, Massachusetts is important if you are going to be doing significant digging on your property. We can determine the location and depth of pipes (even non-metal pipes) so you don’t accidentally break one while digging.

24-Hour Emergency Services: Of course, if you need emergency drain services in Lawrence, we are here for you 24/7/365. Just give us a call and we’ll dash over as soon as possible!

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We are happy to extend the services above (and more!) to Lawrence and the rest of Essex County. Get in touch today to schedule a drain service. Let’s get your pipes working great!