At Dash Drains, we are thrilled to bring our drain cleaning and plumbing services to Somerville and the rest of Middlesex County. We have nearly two decades of hands-on experience in residential and commercial drain services and have the knowledge and know-how to tackle just about any drain, septic system, or plumbing issue you might have. From residential homes to apartment complexes to hospitals and restaurants, Dash Drains is proud to be your go-to Somerville drain specialist.

Drain Services In Somerville, MA

Pipe And Septic Tank Location: We use state-of-the-art equipment to detect underground pipes and septic systems, even those that are not made of metal.

Odor Detection: If you smell sewage near your home or a weird smell is coming through the pipes, give us a call. There could be a major problem. Our team has seen (and smelled) it all and can help get to the bottom of a scent.

Septic Tank Cleaning: Septic tanks should be inspected yearly and pumped when needed. Our crew can inspect your tank and ensure your septage levels are low. If the tank is getting full, our team can provide septic tank pumping in Somerville.

Drain Camera Inspection: Sometimes the best way to diagnose a problem is to get a look inside your pipes. Our drain camera snake gives us a live view so we can see what is causing a blockage or leak. (This is also a great way to retrieve lost jewelry that falls down the drain!)

Grease Trap Cleaning: Somerville restaurant owners will be happy to know that we offer exceptional grease trap cleaning services and go the extra mile to ensure your trap is left clean and free of hardened grease.

Emergency Services: We are available 24/7 for plumbing and drain emergencies. Give us a call day or night at (978) 922-3274 if you need emergency plumbing services.

Preventative Maintenance: Our crew can come out and fix leaking showerheads, unblock slow drains, fix the toilet that keeps running, check out your pipes, drain your water heater, and take care of any other preventative plumbing tasks that need to be done. All of this helps to keep your plumbing running smoothly and catch small issues before they become expensive problems.

Call Your Somerville Drain Specialists Today!

Whether you are looking for grease trap cleaning in Somerville, want to have your septic tank inspected, or need emergency drain services in the middle of the night, Dash Drains is here for you! Give us a call or send us a message to schedule a service.