Dash Drains is your premier drain cleaning and plumbing company serving Peabody, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. We serve a wide region of Massachusetts and are happy to bring our services to Peabody and Essex County.

At Dash Drains, we are full-service drain plumbing. By that, we mean that we not only perform all of your typical plumbing tasks, we are also who to call when you need restaurant grease trap cleaning services, drain cleaning, drain camera inspections, and more.

Our Drain And Plumbing Services

  • Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Services: Like we mentioned above, this is one of our specialties. Some plumbing and drain experts won’t go near grease traps, and others will simply dump them instead of putting in some elbow grease to scrape off residue. If not cleaned regularly and properly, grease traps can cause nasty backups, so be sure you call us before that happens!
  • Drain Water Jetting: There are a few ways to clear out stubborn clogs, and we think this is one of the best. Without using harmful chemicals that end up in the water system, we are able to use a high-pressure jet of water to blast away sludge and clogs.
  • Odor Detection: As drain experts, sometimes we use our eyes to detect problems, and other times we use our noses! If you have a funky odor that you can only smell when you turn on a certain faucet or that lingers around the bathtub, we can help find the source of the stink!
  • Pipe Location: Knowing where your pipes are is incredibly important if you are going to be doing construction around your home or commercial building. We can determine the depth and location of pipes, even non-metal ones, using the latest technology so you don’t accidentally bust one when putting in that new pool.
  • Emergency Drain Services: As your Peabody plumbers, you can count on us to show up when you’re having a plumbing emergency. Whether you have no hot water or your entire basement has flooded, call us and we’ll dash right over.
  • Camera Drain Inspections: This technology is a must-have for modern drain specialists in Peabody and elsewhere, as it allows us to get a live look into your pipes. This can help us determine if you are inheriting bad, rusty pipes when moving into a new house or help us find a wedding ring that slipped down the drain.
  • Regular Maintenance: Pipes and drains need preventative maintenance and inspections to ensure they last for as long as possible without any major problems. During a preventative maintenance visit, we can fix those slow dripping pipes, unclog slow drains, check exposed pipes and appliances for leaks, drain your water heater, and inspect your septic tank.

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Dash Drains is here for you from regular inspections to emergency, middle-of-the-night calls. We have nearly two decades of hands-on experience and take pride in staying up to date with the latest plumbing technology. We are committed to tailoring each drain service to your specific needs and delivering the best service to get the job done right every time. Get in touch with our Peabody plumbing and drain specialists today for more information or to schedule a service!!