Our Drain Services in Georgetown:

Drain Snaking: Where plungers fail, our drain snakes and augers succeed. 

Hydro-Jetting: Drain snake STILL not cutting it? We offer affordable and effective high-power water jetting to blast away stubborn blockages, like ice or hardened grease. 

Preventative Maintenance: Don’t take your plumbing for granted — give it the care and attention it deserves with our routine maintenance services. 

Drain Camera Inspections: We use cutting-edge endoscopic technology to locate tree roots and other potential blockages for individuals looking to buy or remodel a home or business in Georgetown. 

Septic Tank Cleanouts: Keep waste out of your sink and bathtub by getting your septic tank inspected and cleaned regularly. 

Pipe lining: Bring new life to cracked or leaking pipes with pipe lining services from Dash Drains. 

Grease Trap Cleaning: Our commercial grease trap cleaning services are a must for owners of restaurants and other food businesses in Georgetown. 

Odor Detection: Something rotten in Georgetown? Keep sewer-y odors out of your home or business with our fast and effective odor detection services. We’ll find the source of the stink and get rid of it!