Our Residential & Commercial Drain Services in Everett 

Drain Snaking: Plunger just not cutting it? Our snakes and augers can stop clogs in their tracks. 

Septic Tank Cleanouts: Prevent backups by getting the Dash Drains team to inspect and clean your septic tank regularly. 

Preventative Maintenance: Your plumbing system needs regular care and attention in order to stay functional. Rely on us for fixing leaks, draining water heaters, and performing other routine tasks. 

Drain Camera Inspections: Moving into a new house or looking to remodel? Locate tree roots and prevent having to dig up your entire landscape by using our cutting-edge drain camera inspection service. 

Hydro-Jetting: High-pressure water jetting can clear even the most stubborn blockages, such as frozen pipes or hardened grease. Don’t put dangerous chemicals down the drain — contact us to do the job the right way, with good old H20 

Pipe lining: Cracked and leaking pipes don’t have to require costly replacements. Extend the life of your pipes with our high-quality pipe lining services. 

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning: Everett restaurants can turn to us for superior grease trap cleaning services. We can get your grease trap sparkling! 

Odor Detection: No one should have to put up with a smelly home or business. We can find the source of fishy or sewer-y odors and remedy the problem right away.