Our Boxford Drain Services

Drain snaking: Whether you have a small clog or a full-on flood, drain snaking with a drain auger can help clear up your pipes in no time. Our drain clearing professionals can come to your home any time, day or night, for drain snaking services.

Pipe location: Locating your property’s pipes underground can help save you from future expenses and stress by allowing you to identify problem areas before they get out of hand. We offer high-quality pipe locating services to homeowners and businesses throughout Boxford, MA, and the surrounding areas.

Drain camera inspections: We use cutting-edge drain camera technology to view a live feed of the inside of your plumbing. Drain camera inspections can be used to diagnose and locate clogs and blockages, retrieve lost items, understand the overall health of your pipes and septic system, and much more. They are a highly useful service for both routine and emergency care!

Preventative drain maintenance: Ever woken up in the middle of the night to find your bathroom flooded? Unfortunately, we usually don’t appreciate the important work that our drains do for us until they’re no longer functional. Routine preventative drain maintenance can help prevent floods, blockages, and leaks before they happen, saving you from unnecessary expenses and headaches. 

Hydro-jetting: High-pressure water jetting is a fantastic way to clear up difficult clogs and blockages from your pipes. Businesses, in particular, may find this powerful form of drain cleaning useful. Jetting your pipes is chemical-free and environmentally friendly so you can rest easy that you are maintaining your property without sacrificing the health of your employees, family, or the planet. 

Pipe lining: Does your home or business have cracked or leaking pipes? With pipe lining services from Dash Drains in Boxford, you can get your pipes in working order without having to replace them. Pipe lining can extend the life of your pipes and restore water flow without requiring any digging or causing any destruction to your landscaping.

Grease trap cleaning: Got grease? Dash Drains is here to help! We offer professional grease trap pumping services to keep your restaurant kitchen’s grease trap functional. Our grease trap cleaning services in Boxford are always thorough and reliable.

Odor detection: No one likes a sewer-y smell! Call Dash Drains in Boxford to find the source of the stink, such as a malfunctioning vent or damaged drain line, and get rid of it for good.

Septic tank cleaning: Routine septic tank inspections and septic tank cleanings are a small price to pay to help prevent odorous, bacteria-laden septic waste from flooding your property. The professional drain cleaners at Dash Drains in Boxford can help keep your septic tank pristine with septic tank cleaning and pumping services.

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