Our Amesbury Drain Services

Drain snaking: Drain snaking with a drain auger is a highly effective way to clear pipe blockages. If you’re dealing with a blocked pipe in your home or business, our drain snaking experts have the tools and know-how to get your pipes in working order again in no time!

Underground pipe locating: We offer advanced underground pipe locating services to residential and commercial clients in the Amesbury, Massachusetts area. Whether you’re looking to buy a house and you want to embark on a DIY home improvement project, pipe locating services can help save you unnecessary expenses and stress in the future.

Drain camera inspections: Drain camera inspections allow you to see what is causing a blockage in your pipes, retrieve lost items from pipes, inspect your septic system, and much more.

Preventative drain maintenance: Keeping your drains in proper working order requires regular preventative maintenance, such as fixing leaks and clearing slow drains. At Dash Drains in Amesbury, we help homeowners and companies keep their drains properly maintained with a variety of routine services.

High-pressure water jetting: If you have a stubborn clog, then high-pressure water jetting is an easy, fast, and safe way to unclog it! We offer both traditionally hydro-jetting services and hot water jetting, which can help clear certain blockages and pipes that might be frozen in the chilly Amesbury winter.

Pipe lining: Just because there are small cracks or leaks in your pipes doesn’t mean that they have to be replaced. Repairing your pipes with pipe lining can help get them in proper working order again at a fraction of the time and cost of other repair methods. 

Commercial grease trap cleaning: Do you own a restaurant in Amesbury, Massachusetts?  Keep your business up and running with professional grease trap pumping services from Dash Drains! 

Odor detection: Got smells? We can help get rid of them! The Drain Dash team will help you find exactly what is causing the odor in your Amesbury home or business, and repair it as quickly as possible.

Septic tank pumping: The best way to avoid disgusting sewage backups in your home is to routinely clean your septic tank. Our septic tank inspection and pumping services allow you to prevent harmful, bacteria-laden water from entering your home.

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