Residential and Commercial Drain Services in Clifton, MA

Dash Drains is proud to provide prompt and professional drain services to residents and businesses in Clifton, Massachusetts. Our comprehensive repertoire of drain services includes drain camera inspections, high-pressure water jetting, commercial grease trap cleaning, and much more. The Dash Drains dream team is on call day and night to help you with your routine and emergency drain needs. Whether you’re looking for preventative maintenance or your bathroom has unexpectedly flooded, the Dash Drain team in Clifton is here to make it right. Explore our drain services below. 

Why Choose Dash Drains for Drain Services in Clifton?

  • Fast, friendly service
  • 24/7 emergency services available
  • More than two decades of experience 
  • 5-star rating on Angie’s List®
  • Residential and commercial services available

Our Clifton Drain Services

Drain snaking: Clogged drains are no match to the drain snaking prowess of the team here at Dash Drains in Clifton. When you have a blockage in your plumbing, give us a call day or night for prompt and professional snaking. 

Underground pipe locating: We use advanced pipe locating technology to help Clifton homeowners and businesses locate pipes beneath their property, and diagnose breaks or leaks before they get out of hand. 

Drain camera inspections: If something isn’t quite right in the pipes of your Clifton home or business, a drain camera inspection from Dash Drains can help. Whether you’re looking to locate tree roots that are interfering with your plumbing, want an in-depth look at a house before you buy it, or you simply need to find a lost item, a drain camera inspection offers a quick and effective solution.

Preventative drain maintenance: We tend to take our drains for granted; it’s not until we’re woken up in the middle of the night from a flooded bathroom that we realize just how much work our drains do for us. When you choose Dash Drains for your preventative drain maintenance services in Clifton, we will identify and diagnose any potential issues we see with your drains, and offer the best solution. We can also drain your water heater, inspect your septic tank, and much more!

Drain jetting: Dash Drains’ high-pressure water jetting services stop stubborn blockages in their tracks — even frozen pipes and hardened grease. Hydro-jet drain cleaning is the perfect way to scrub off sludge and sediment that has built-up over the years, and leave your pipes looking practically new!

Pipe lining: We offer comprehensive pipe lining solutions to residential and commercial properties in Clifton and the surrounding areas. Pipe lining offers a cost-effective alternative to pipe replacement for cracked or leaking pipes, and avoids the need to dig up your landscape. Extend the life of your pipes and restore water flow with our pipe lining services in Clifton today.

Commercial grease trap cleaning: Do you own a restaurant in Clifton, Massachusetts? It may time to clean out your grease trap. Regular grease trap cleaning is essential for preventing costly backups. Unlike other drain companies in Clifton, we put in the extra work to scrape off even the most stubborn grease, thereby ensuring that we clean off the entire trap.

Odor detection: Sewer-y odors in your home or business may be caused by issues such as a dry trap, malfunctioning vent, or damaged drain line. Our odor detection and sewer cleanout services help us identify the source of the stink, and remedy it as quickly as possible. 

Septic tank inspections and cleaning: Routine septic tank inspections can help prevent noxious backups of septic waste in your home, and ensure that your septic tank remains in proper working order. We offer septic tank inspecting and cleaning services for homes and businesses in Clifton and the surrounding areas. 

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