Plumbing is a system in your home that needs regular maintenance. This is because most plumbing problems are undetectable until they become severe. Having a plumbing tuneup every six months could help catch problems early. 

If problems already exist and have for some time, it is likely that your plumbing system will give you some warning signs. These red flags indicate there is likely a big problem that a pipe and drain specialist could fix. Check out some plumbing red flags below and what type of problem they might be trying to tell you about. If you are experiencing any of the below issues and live in the Greater Boston area, make sure to call Dash Drains. Our drain specialists are based out of Beverly and have a large service area

Plumbing Red Flags

Water Stains Or Peeling Paint On The Walls Or Ceiling

Both brown water stains, as well as peeling or bubbling paint, can indicate that there is water where it shouldn’t be. However, this isn’t necessarily indicative of a plumbing problem. You could have a leaky pipe, but you also might have a leak in your roof or water entering the home through the walls if the water barrier was not properly installed. A pipe specialist can help you determine if it is a plumbing problem and devise a solution if that is the case.

Sputtering Faucets, Screeching Faucets

When faucets are on, the only sound they should be making is that of running water. If they are sputtering screeching, whining, clinking, or making other weird noises, there is a problem. Figuring out what that problem is takes the skill and expertise of an experienced plumbing and drain specialist like those at Dash Drains. The issue could be anything from air in the faucets to a dangerously overheated water heater to a loose washer. 

Slow Drains

While we often refer to ourselves as plumbers, a more appropriate moniker would be “pipe and drain specialists.” There are two main parts of plumbing: the path that water follows before it exits your faucet and the path that it takes after it goes down the drain. 

If one or more of your drains are moving slower than usual, it’s a sign that there is a problem occurring somewhere in the second half of the water’s journey to and from your home. This could be a number of things ranging from a physical clog in your pipes to an overflowing septic tank to a tree that has grown through your pipe far away from your home. As your drain specialist, we have high-tech equipment we can use to find the cause of the slow drain and fix it. 

Low Water Pressure

Some homes have lower water pressure than others. However, if you notice a sudden decrease in your water pressure, it could be a sign that there are debris in the pipes or there could be a broken pipe that is allowing the water to divert into the ground or, worse, your home. As your plumbing specialist, we can diagnose the problem to find the cause of the weak water pressure and resolve it. 

Bad Smells From The Drains

Drains should not smell, and they especially shouldn’t smell like sewage. If there is a foul odor coming from your drain, it could indicate that your vents, which channel sewer gasses upward and out of the house, are not working properly. Your pipes could also have a buildup of biofilm, which is a layer of bacteria that gets stuck to the insides of your pipes, making them not only drain slowly, but also emit a rotten egg-type smell. Your drain could also be housing other types of bacteria or mildew which can cause a musty smell. Our drain specialists can detect odors and determine the cause of the stench. 

Dripping Faucet

If you’re kept up at night by the consistent drip-drip-drip of a faucet or showerhead, it might be time to give your Beverly plumber a call. There is something in your faucet that is not allowing the system to create a tight seal and block the flow of water. A plumber can diagnose what’s wrong and get it fixed ASAP. 

Discolored Water

If your normally crystal clear water is exiting the faucet with a hint of color, call your plumber ASAP. Your pipes could be rusting or there could be an issue with the main water line. If your hot water is discolored but your cold water is fine, the issue could be in your water heater. Whether your water is yellow, brown, red, or some other color, call us right away. 

No Water At All 

In most areas of America and the developed world, we are lucky to have clean water at the turn of a faucet. So if you turn on your faucet or shower and there is no water at all, it’s a major red flag and even warrants a call to an emergency plumber. This can mean a few different things. It’s possible that you are late on your bills and the city has shut off your water altogether, however, you will likely be given several warnings before this happens. If it is winter, your pipes might be frozen which can lead to major damage. If it isn’t a frigid New England winter and you’re up to date on your utility bills, then there is likely some sleuthing to be done by an experienced plumber to solve the case of the missing water. 

High Water Bills

Water bills can vary from month to month, especially during the summer when your sprinklers are running. However, if you suddenly see a major spike that can’t be accounted for, contact a plumber. You might have a major leak or another problem that is causing you to inadvertently waste water and money! 

Lush, Green Patch Of Grass In The Yard

While we don’t want sewer gasses in our home, they actually do wonders for your lawn. While beautiful green grass is often coveted, you don’t want to find an unexplained patch of thick, dark green grass in your lawn. This is often a sign of an overflowing septic tank or a busted sewer line. 

Need A Plumber? Call Us! 

If you are experiencing any of the above or another plumbing issue, give Dash Drains a call! We are proud to be local plumbers who use a wide assortment of the latest technology in the industry, including hot water jetting, drain cameras, and more. Whether you have a major issue with your septic tank or just need a drain unclogged, we can help. Get in touch with Dash Drains, your Beverly, MA plumbers, today