It may be too soon to officially say that the snowy winter weather is gone, but it is officially spring, which means it is time to start thinking about spring plumbing maintenance. At Dash Drains, we offer residential and commercial plumbing services in Beverly, Massachusetts, and while we are always available 24/7 for your emergency plumber needs, the best way to prevent emergencies is by having regular preventative plumbing maintenance done.

The cold winters take a toll on your plumbing. Make sure they are ready for the drastic temperature changes to come by having the following maintenance and inspections performed by your local plumber at Dash Drains.

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Plumbing Spring Maintenance

  • Check For Leaks: With the immense amounts of snow and freezing weather we were pelted with this winter, it is possible your pipes took as much of a beating as you did! We’ve all heard about pipes bursting in winter because the water inside of them expands, but sometimes a “burst” doesn’t result in an explosion with water spraying everywhere. Oftentimes freezing pipes leaves you with small cracks and leaks. Check for signs of leaking and have your plumber fix them. This includes dripping faucets and shower heads!
  • Drain Your Water Heater: This should be done twice a year, and the beginning of spring is the perfect time to do it. Over time, minerals and other particles can build up at the bottom of your water heater, making it work less efficiently and can even lead to the entire system breaking prematurely. Dash Drains can take care of this for you and run a full inspection while we’re at it to ensure there are no red flags.

  • Make Sure Your Toilets Are Working: This is more than checking if it flushes. If your toilet continues to make sounds and run water after you flush it, there could be a problem with the internal mechanics. A running toilet wastes a ton of water and can make an impact on your water bill. Let your plumber know if your toilet does this so they can inspect it and find the source of the problem.

  • Fix Slow Drains: Your tub should not pool water around your ankles when you take a shower and water should easily flow down the sink. If this is not happening, you most likely have some sort of blockage or buildup. Dash Drains can snake your pipes to pull out any clumps of hair or debris that are preventing your drains from doing their jobs, and can even use high-pressure water jetting to blast away stubborn clogs. Chemical de-cloggers are okay to use once in a while, but regular use can cause more harm than good and often does not fix the problem.
  • Assess Your Water Pressure: Taking a shower should feel neither like a light sprinkle nor like you’re being pelted with tiny water bullets. If your water pressure has not changed recently, then you are probably good. However, if your pressure is suddenly higher or lower than usual, it could be a sign of an issue. Additionally, water pressure that is too high can negatively affect fixtures and valves, and could even cause more major problems. Your plumber can inspect your water pressure and adjust if necessary.
  • Check Unsuspecting Water Lines: When checking for leaks, you will likely poke your head under the sink or look around in the basement. However, it is important to check your water line for your washing machine for cracks or brittleness, as well as your refrigerator if it has an ice or water dispenser.

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