a clean drain

Wondering how to unclog a drain? Read on for a comprehensive guide for DIY tips and other strategies for addressing the issue.

When a clogged drain is really bad, don’t risk getting too aggressive yourself. Instead, if you are in or around Beverly, MA, hire your friendly, local plumbers at Dash Drains to get it resolved immediately and safely; without any damage to your pipes or overall plumbing system. Call us at (978) 922-3274 or reach out to us online today!

soap going down a drain

Start Gentle

Got a clogged pipe and wondering where to begin? Start by testing out some basic mixtures to eliminate the clog. Baking soda and vinegar or dish soap and hot water can both alleviate the issue. However, sometimes it is more complicated than that, especially if you have a drain that keeps getting clogged regularly. While these methods may help, it’s good to get a full cleaning done by professionals routinely as well.

someone snaking a drain

Consider a Drain Snake

Drain snakes and claws can also help with a lot of clogs. Simply insert it into the drain and open it until you have reached any blockages. Then rotate it against the clog until it moves on deeper down into the pipe. After it is moving freely, pull it out and discard the debris. Finish off by running some hot water down the drain at full force to clear things out even more.

chemical cleaners and cleaning supplies

Should You Use Commercial Drain Cleaners

Chemical cleaners can work, however, we don’t recommend them. They can lead to the breakdown of the adhesives in your pipe, leading to bigger problems down the road.

a plumber working on a sink and chatting with a client

None of These Work? Call a Plumber

With 23+ years of experience, Dash Drains is one of Beverly’s Top-Rated Local® plumbers. No matter how challenging a clog seems, we guarantee we can resolve the issue for you quickly and safely. Simply give us a call at (978) 922-3274 or reach out to us online today for assistance!