Whatever kind of pet you have, we can all agree that they are some of the best housemates and companions one could imagine. However, these furry creatures also tend to shed quite a bit, which can take its toll on your plumbing system. Dash Drains of Beverly, MA have put together a list of four tips to ensure your plumbing system and your pets neither have issues. Read on for more tips, or contact us today to schedule a pipe inspection or other service!

a dog standing on a toilet edge

Tip #1: Be Careful When Flushing

If your pet’s water bowl is not fresh, they may turn to your toilet for a drink. However, not only is this a bad habit for your pets, it also can lead to a clog, for example, if your cat has cat litter on their paws the cat litter can clog your drain pipes. Also, avoid flushing pet waste — it could easily harm your pipes. So replace your pets’ water bowls often!

a golden retriever getting a bath in a bathtub

Tip #2: Always Use a Drain Strainer

Catching all the hair that your pet sheds in a drain strainer will keep a clog from occurring. Even when you don’t think they will shed much when you are giving them a bath, you would be surprised by just how much fur comes off when they get a scrubbing.

an exposed pipe with someone tightening a bolt

Tip #3: Hide Exposed Pipes

Animals tend to enjoy chewing, and an exposed pipe may seem to them like an excellent toy. Avoid any pet-related plumbing emergencies by ensuring your pipes are out of reach from your pets. We have seen many instances of this issue at Dash Drains; it happens more often than you’d expect. If you have a pet-related plumbing emergency in the Beverly, MA area, call us at (978) 922-3274!

someone snaking a drain

Tip #4: Get Routine Pipe & Drain Cleaning

With 23+ years of experience, Dash Drains has seen pretty much everything. If you have had a pet-related or any other type of plumbing emergency, such as a clogged drain or a broken pipe, reach out to us any time, day or night, and we’ll send assistance to you immediately. Contact your local Beverly plumbing experts ASAP!