a floor drain

Floor drains are some of the most neglected parts of most properties’ plumbing. Without proper care, they can be clogged and lead to all sorts of problems. These are usually installed in basements, garages, and other out-of-the-way places to capture overflow water from rain and your home’s plumbing to prevent flooding from occurring. While they rarely if ever cross your mind when they are working properly, when they get clogged they can lead to unpleasant smells, flooding, and costly water damage. Follow these tips from your local Beverly plumbing company, Dash Drains, to ensure your floor drains keep working as they should!

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water on a floor drain

#1: Ensure the Trap Seal is Filled

A floor drain without enough water in it can lead to sewer odor and gasses coming into your home. For the trap seal to work correctly, it needs to be filled with water. If the trap is empty, pour at least a gallon of water into the floor drain to prevent unpleasant odors.

soap going down a drain

#2: Regularly Clean Your Drains

Clean your drains every few months to free them of excess dirt and debris. Baking soda and vinegar can help, as can boiling water and dish soap. The best solution, however, is to hire a professional plumber from Dash Drains to conduct routine drain cleaning services for you to prevent clogs throughout your whole plumbing system.

a clean and clear shower floor

#3: Keep the Area Surrounding Your Floor Drain Clean

If the area around your floor drain is dirty, this material can get into the drain and clog it. Use an old toothbrush and other basic cleaning tools to keep debris away and prevent major issues from emerging regarding your floor drain.

a clogged floor drain

Get Floor Drain Cleaning Services in Massachusetts

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