a plumber working under a sink

Routine plumbing is essential for ensuring your home has fresh, clean water and all the waste and debris is properly eliminated. The overarching goal is to ensure the health and wellness of your family and other residents. The other goal is to prevent having plumbing issues such as clogs, broken pipes, or worse. Read on to learn about a few signs it’s time to call a plumber.

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a clogged drain

#1: A Slow Drain

Is water not going down the drain too quickly, and starting to pool a bit? This is the sign that there is a build-up of waste inside the pipe walls causing water flow to be less smooth or efficient. This can easily lead to a complete clog, so get it addressed safely and reliably; get professional drain cleaning service in Beverly, MA with Dash Drains.

someone plugging their nose from a bad smell

#2: Unpleasant Smells Coming from Sinks & Drains

Bacteria love to feed on the sludge that can build up in drains and your drain lines. The more organic material built-up in your pipes, the more bacteria multiplies. If you are smelling unpleasant odors coming from your pipes, start out by pouring boiling water down the drain to see if that clears it out. If that doesn’t work, call the professionals at Dash Drains at (978) 922-3274 for help!

someone listening to a strange sound

#3: Unusual Noises

Your drains, toilets, showers, etc. all make noises. If you start making unfamiliar noises, in particular gurgling noises, it is likely a sign that there is something built-up in the drain lines. If you hear peculiar noises coming from your drains, consider getting professional drain cleaning services from your friendly neighborhood Beverly plumbers at Dash Drains.

a woman on the phone cleaning up a puddle by the sink

#4: Puddle Formation

Lastly, if you are seeing standing water build-up inside your home anywhere, getting professional assistance is a must. Dash Drains serves Beverly, Medford, Everett, Malden, and the surrounding areas in Massachusetts with top-quality plumbing solutions. Our 24-hour emergency plumbing technicians are ready to answer your calls, anytime, day or night. Leverage our 23+ years of experience to ensure your plumbing is well-taken-care-of for the long-term. Give us a call at (978) 922-3274 or reach out to us online today to schedule service!