Nothing causes a stink quite like sewer line damage. From a disgusting sewage smell infiltrating your home to clogged and backed-up drains, sewer line problems are something that you hope you never have to deal with. However, things happen, and there may come a time when your sewer lines become cracked or damaged, causing leaks and a slew of other headaches. 

If you are noticing the signs that indicate you need sewer line repair, Dash Drains is available to provide immediate, professional, and reliable service. As one of the best drain companies in the area, we are equipped with the latest technology and equipment to get to the root of your drain and pipe issues. When the structural integrity of the sewer pipes underneath your home has been compromised, you may not have to deal with the cost of a complete sewer line replacement. Our professional pipe lining services repair your sewer line and restore its function with no digging required. In this blog, we’ll take a close look at the advantages you get when choosing pipe lining services for sewer repair.

What Is Sewer Pipe Lining?

Sewer pipe lining, also referred to as trenchless pipe lining, is a great alternative to traditional pipe replacement. Traditional sewer line repairs and replacements typically required conventional digging methods. Not only would there need to be a trench dug out through your yard in order to get to the pipes, but you’d also likely be subjected to significant costs to fix everything and get your landscaping back in order. Thankfully, though, that is no longer the case — trenchless pipe lining has emerged as the preferred method of rehabilitating cracked or damaged sewer pipes instead of digging them up. 

With very minimal digging required, especially when compared to traditional pipe replacement methods, our sewer line repair experts can push new pipe lining through old piping or piping that may not be structurally sound. The pipe lining material is incredibly durable and seals to the old lining in your sewer pipes. Pipe relining is a great and reliable way to restore the integrity of damaged sewer line pipes without causing too much destruction. 

What Are the Benefits of Pipe Lining Services?

There are many reasons why trenchless pipe lining is the better alternative to traditional repairs and replacements. Here are some reasons you should hire a drain company that offers pipe lining services, such as Dash Drains, when you need sewer line repair. 

Less Damage

As mentioned, traditional pipe repair methods would require a considerable amount of digging and destruction to your yard. Trenchless pipe repair uses modern technology and equipment to eliminate the need of digging a huge trench. Typically, two small holes need to be dug to perform sewer pipe lining which is nothing compared to the headache and eyesore that excavation causes. If you’re proud of your landscape and would like to protect it, trenchless sewer repair methods are the primary choice for you!

Saves Time

Since there is no excavation or digging required pipe lining services can save you a lot of time when compared to traditional sewer line repair methods, which may take weeks to complete the repairs and restore proper function to your sewer pipeline. With trenchless pipe lining, pipeline issues are assessed and fixed in a span of only a few days; even less for minor issues. Less downtime for your property’s water operations will get you back to living a normal life in no time. 

Saves Money

Again, because there is far less digging required, pipe lining services keep more money in your wallet. Not only will the drain company’s labor costs be less, but you also won’t have to deal with the headaches and expenses that come with fixing your damaged landscape. Simply put, you get the same repairing service with less damage and less time when you choose trenchless pipe repair. 


Trenchless pipe repairs utilize a durable pipe lining that provides a durable, long-lasting solution that will last for decades to come. As long as there isn’t significant damage to the inside of the pipes, the durable pipeline material should seal well thanks to the strong adhesive and stay in place for a long time to come. Don’t worry, a pipe technician will inspect your pipes beforehand to ensure that trenchless pipe lining is the best option for your home. 

Contact Dash Drains for Pipe Lining Services

If you suspect that you have a damaged sewer line, the first step is calling the experts at Dash Drains to schedule an inspection. Our experts will perform a detailed inspection of your property to determine the best solutions for your home. 

If you would like to set up an inspection or learn more about sewer pipe lining and the benefits it offers, contact Dash Drains today!